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08.07.2010New version

New version of Windows Mobile softphone: download

30.04.2010Softphone for Windows Mobile

We invite you to participate in Windows Mobile softphone testing.
Download link: Softphone.
To run softphone you need .NET Compact Framework 3.5

14.04.2010New service

To check the sound quality you can use the service "SIP test call" - call with a SIP-phone (or using the Callback service, Webcall service) to the number 0111 and dictate the message within 10 seconds after the signal. After recording you can listen your message.


There is changes in the SMS-service. SMS-messages is now supports any characters.


Dear users, an unstable operation of our services will be possible by reason of modification the IP-adresses. Sorry for the inconvenience.

03.06.2009We give presents!

We present every customer with $1 put to his account at registration.

03.02.2009New platform!

The new platform has been put into operation in test mode. If you find an error in the system operation, please report about it to e-mail: , or through the site (in “Feedback” section).