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1. To make calls via Arinos you need:

  • Computer with Internet access and necessary software or
  • VOIP-gateway + telephone set or
  • VOIP-telephone.

2. To make calls from your PC you need:

  • OS MS Windows 2000 or newer, Linux, MacOS.
  • Broadband internet connection (128 Kbps or more).
  • Softphone, for example:
    1. Arinos softphone (Windows),
    2. Zoiper (Windows, Linux),
    3. Xlite (Windows, MacOS, Linux),
    4. Twinkle (Linux),
    5. Ekiga (Linux).
  • Headset or microphone + speakers (earphones).
  • Personal account registered at Arinos with a positive balance.

3. Authorization Data:

  • SIP-Server Address:
  • User Name: SIP ID (see the registration confirmation message).
  • Password: Password (see the registration confirmation message).

4. How to set up the softphone:

  • Select softphone (Recommended Arinos softphone), download and install on your PC.
  • Adjust according to the authorization data (See paragraph 3).

5. How to set up VOIP-Gateway:

  • Connect to Internet.
  • Go to gateway settings (see documentation) and set everything up in accordance with the authorization data (See paragraph 3).
  • Connect your phone to the gateway and use it.

6. How to set up VOIP-phone:

  • Connect your phone to Internet.
  • Go to your phone settings (see documentation).
  • Adjust according to the authorization data (See paragraph 3).